By hiring with ShortAndSweethire you are agreeing to follow all terms and conditions as stated.


Please treat all items as if they are you own. All garments must be treated with utmost care. If an item is returned damaged, the hirer is required to pay the replacement cost on all items, which is the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the item if the item is beyond repair. After inspection, If the item is repairable it will be handled by my preferred dressmaker, the repair fees must be paid in full. The hirer is also liable for any hire fee which will be inconvenienced/canceled.  It is solely up to ShortAndSweetHire to determine the extent of the damage and the amount charged.


In order to ensure safety and protection of all garments prior to hiring, ShortAndSweetHire owns the right to obtain a copy of a government issued Identification I.E a License or Passport ID. This will be kept securely filed and only used to ShortAndSweetHire’s decretion if the terms and conditions aren’t abided by. No hires will be permitted without an authentic identification supplied.


All garments must be returned the NEXT BUSINESS DAY after the event. Or for a weekend hire, if returning in person, the garment is required to be returned before the following Monday. Otherwise if a postal hire, the garment must be returned in the supplied express satchel before 4pm Monday. The satchel must be handed over the counter at the post office ( POST BOXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE ) and a lodgement receipt MUST be obtained. Failure to return the garment before this deadline will result in late fees applying of $10 each late day.



S&SH will not be liable for any items which are not delivered on time due to Australia Post delays. No refunds/store credits will be issued as this is soley the responsibility of Australia Post. 


Under no circumstances will ShortAndSweetHire offers refunds/ store credits on garments. This could be because of the sizing/fit, change of mind or if you decided not to wear your garment for your event. If your garment is received and does not suit, please message as soon as possible and arrange a possible option to exchange over to another suitable garment. Although, this will only be applicable to pickup orders and only on the same day as your item is received. Please ensure to select your hired item carefully.


At ShortAndSweetHire we take pride in all of our designer garments and endeavour to treat them with the best possible care. Every garment is carefully hand-washed and cleaned with care (or dry cleaned depending on labels) to aim to obtain their quality and ensure the garments are cleaned to our best possible standard.


Please do not attempt to clean/wash or iron the garment yourself. This could result in major damages to specific materials and can possibly destroy our garments. Please simply return your item as is and ShortAndSweetHire will handle all cleaning for you.


Our hire garments are expected to be rented in the best possible condition. Although some items are worn very frequently and small general wear and tear can occur. At S&SH we strive to ensure the hire garments are as close to perfect as possible, although as to be expected they aren’t always in 100% perfect brand new condition. All garments which we believe are not up to standard are removed from the collection immediately and no longer available to rent. If you are unhappy with the standard an item has been rented to you in, please contact us immediately. Any noticeable damage noticed on garments must be photographed with a time stamp and send to a S&SH as soon as the item is received.


If items are not returned in a hireable condition, or damages/late fees are not paid within 7 days of being requested by S&SH, the matter will be taken up with a debt collecting agency and you will be liable for all charges and fees obtained.


ShortAndSweetHire reserves the right to terminate your right to rent garments from us at any time at our own discretion should you breach this agreement or for any other reason.